Ambuluwawa meets Saranga and Dinakshie

Saranga Ambuluwawa

Join one of Sri Lanka’s favorite couples, Saranga and Dinakshie, on their recent adventure to the iconic Ambuluwawa Tower! Their fun and energetic journey will surely inspire you to add this stunning landmark to your Sri Lankan bucket list.

Who are Saranga and Dinakshie?

For those who aren’t familiar, Saranga Disasekara is a multi-talented Sri Lankan singer, actor, and comedian. Dinakshie Priyasad is a captivating Sri Lankan actress and model. Together, they’re one of the country’s most admired celebrity couples, known for their infectious humor and down-to-earth personalities.


Fueling Up for Adventure

Their day started with a delicious Sri Lankan breakfast, consisting of idiyappam (string hoppers) served with a vibrant array of spicy sambals and meats like chicken and fish curries.

Knowledge nugget: In Sri Lanka, a typical breakfast includes curries like meat, fish, egg, or vegetarian options, along with carbohydrate dishes like string hoppers, hoppers, and rice.

As they traveled toward Ambuluwawa, Saranga, and Dinakshie came across a curious little monkey along the road. These creatures are a common sight in Ambuluwawa and add to the landscape’s unique charm.

While these innocent little friends may appear playful, it’s important to remember that they are wild animals. To avoid any unwanted attention, simply keep your distance and avoid carrying food openly. If a monkey approaches, don’t make eye contact or try to shoo it away, try to maintain your distance and stay calm.

Entry to Ambuluwawa

Upon reaching Ambuluwawa, Dinakshie was warmly welcomed by a lovable stray dog. These adorable companions are a familiar sight in Sri Lanka. Thankfully, they are typically very friendly and not aggressive unless bothered, so there’s no need to be concerned.

Saranga gave a little explanation on the unique concept behind Ambuluwawa how it’s a mult-religious complex and how it’s represented on the gate with all the religious symbols displayed on the top as you walk in through the gate.

Dinakshie commented on how social media posts don’t quite capture the real magic of Ambuluwawa. And she’d be absolutely right! The breathtaking views and the serene atmosphere of Ambuluwawa are best experienced firsthand.

Before reaching the top of the tower, they stopped to admire the beautiful view of the lush green valleys below. In the distance, they could see the historic town of Gampola.

Did you know that Gampola was a business city during medieval times in Sri Lanka? Make sure to read this blog if you are interested in reading more about Gampola’s history and Ambuluwawa’s role in it.

Climbing the Ambuluwawa Tower

Their adventure at the Ambuluwawa Tower began from the inside.

Fun fact: Once you reach the first floor, you have the option to climb to the very top of the tower using the external staircase. If you prefer, you can also start your climb from the inside and go as high as you can, then switch to the outer staircase to continue your journey upward.

The outward staircase

As they neared the outdoor staircase, Dinakshie paused briefly. Ascending a tall tower like this may appear intimidating initially, but fear not, you can do it! Just remember to proceed at your own speed and appreciate the scenic views as you go. After all, they say the journey is what matters.

The breathtaking view from the top always makes all the courage worth it. So, taking a deep breath and with a determined attitude, they started climbing.

Step by step, they ascended the tower steadily. With each stride, Dinakshie not only conquered the height but also overcame a bit of her apprehension. By the time they reached the peak, she was radiant with a sense of achievement, eager to soak in the stunning 360-degree panorama.

The Descent and a newfound Confidence

The way down was likely a breeze, filled with newfound confidence and maybe a few celebratory selfies. Dinakshie realized that the climb wasn’t as scary as she initially thought, and the reward was absolutely phenomenal.

Saying Goodbye to Ambuluwawa with Newfound Memories

As they departed from Ambuluwawa, they were carrying a newfound appreciation for Sri Lanka’s natural beauty and cultural richness. Their journey was a perfect blend of adventure, laughter, and a touch of challenge, making it a truly memorable experience.

This is just a glimpse of their Ambluwawa journey. Be sure to check out their complete vlog below.

Inspired to Visit Ambuluwawa?

So, were you inspired by Saranga and Dinakshie’s adventure?

If you’re planning a trip to Sri Lanka, make sure to add Ambuluwawa to your itinerary. The climb might test your limits a bit, but the panoramic views and the sense of accomplishment will be more than worth it. Just remember to start early, conquer your fears with a smile, and embrace the beauty that surrounds you!

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