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Beyond the view, beyond the climb, lies a story waiting to be told.

Leave the World Below Embrace the World Above

Climb the Ambuluwawa Tower and discover a world where mountains meet clouds and horizons stretch beyond imagination.

55 Steps to Limitless Horizons

Climb the tower’s spiral staircase, only 55 meters tall, and be rewarded with majestic views that soar far beyond.

A 360-degree Embrace

Feel the wind through your hair, take in the mountain air, and witness the breathtaking panorama of Sri Lanka unfold before you.

Narrow Path, Grand Reward

The path may narrow, and the steps may challenge, but each twist and turn leaves you breathless with grandeur.

Nature's Stairway to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka's essence resides in the winding paths, not at the peak. Embrace the climb, and connect with the island's true spirit.

Did You Know That

"Ambuluwawa" is the Name of the Mountain?

Exploring its essence, Ambuluwawa unfolds as more than just the tower's name; it embodies the towering mountain, rising proudly at 3,567 feet.

Perched atop this majestic mountain lies the Ambuluwawa Tower, offering a panoramic view from the highest point of Ambuluwawa Mountain.

It's a harmonious blend where human craftsmanship meets the awe-inspiring beauty of nature.

Find Adventure & ExpeditionBeyond the Tower

Step beyond the tower and immerse yourself in the beauty of Ambuluwawa, where countless wonders are within minutes' reach.

Java Lounge
Coffee, serenity, and breathtaking panoramas.
Souvenir Shop
Find the perfect Ambuluwawa souvenir.
Adventure Park
Unleash your inner thrillseeker at the Adventure Park.
Pinewood Restuarant
Nestled among grand pines, retreat to Pinewood for a touch of serenity.

From Billionaires to Backpackers

Ambuluwawa Welcomes All!

The allure of Ambuluwawa touches all, from the world's richest man to foreigners and locals alike.

Every individual who crosses its path always leaves with a memory to share — even if it's just a simple "!".

Durga Gaikwad Traveller

We visited this place in December 2023. It was really an amazing experience for us. Like the narrow way ,amazing view from top,windy air. Do not carry 🎒 🛍 etc things,so that it will be easy to step up.

All roads lead to Ambuluwawa

Beyond the Horizon
Closer Than Expected

No matter where you find yourself in Sri Lanka, the allure of Ambuluwawa awaits within a few hours' drive.

From Colombo

120.8 km | 3hr 17min ride

From Kandy

24.8 km | 1hr ride

From Sigiriya

128 km | 3hr 30min ride

From Ella

160.9 km | 4hr 42min ride

From Pinnawala

39.3 km | 1hr 11min ride

From Nuwara Eliya

64.5 km | 2hr 18min ride

Experience Ambuluwawa's Creative Spirit

Grasping Ambuluwawa’s splendor poses challenges, yet our visitors skillfully craft personalized narratives through their lenses, creativity, and social media.

Don't Let Your Curiosity Go Unanswered!

You're likely overflowing with questions and curiosity about Ambuluwawa and Sri Lanka. Rest assured, our written blog posts are here to guide you!



Strategically positioned along the entrance road, these

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