Exploring the Ambuluwawa with Davud Akhundzada

Have you ever scrolled through Instagram and stumbled upon a picture of a mind-blowing tower in Sri Lanka, with a staircase that looks like it should be on a rollercoaster?


That’s the Ambuluwawa Tower, and today we’re taking a deep dive into the thrilling vlog of Davud Akhundzada, a travel adventurer who doesn’t shy away from hidden gems.

Davud Akhundzada is a travel vlogger who is well-known for showcasing hidden gems and lesser-known places. He explores unconventional destinations and shares his experiences through captivating videos, highlighting the diverse cultures and extraordinary encounters that travelers can expect in these uncharted territories.

One such destination that perfectly embodies Davud’s adventurous spirit is the Ambuluwawa Tower in Sri Lanka.

Let’s join Davud on this exciting adventure as he takes us on a journey to Ambuluwawa.

At The Gates of Ambuluwawa Tower

The moment Davud sets foot at Ambuluwawa, he’s captivated. But it’s not just the tower itself that steals the show. The surrounding area is a beautiful tapestry of religions, with a Buddhist temple, mosque, Hindu temple, and Christian church all existing harmoniously. It’s a powerful symbol of Sri Lanka’s incredible religious tolerance and acceptance.

Did you know that Sri Lanka is a beautiful example of religious harmony?

Buddhism lies at the heart of the nation, yet Sri Lanka also embraces Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity. This multiculturalism produces a vibrant culture that is home to year-round festivals and customs. The people embrace and encourage interfaith dialogue and understanding, with many programs bringing people together to learn about different religions.

This promotes a sense of tolerance and respect, and Ambuluwawa is no different.

Now, let’s talk about the climb that everyone’s buzzing about (and maybe a little nervous about).

The Climb Begins to the Top

Davud starts his exploration from the base of the tower, admiring its detailed designs and the stunning views at the top.

As he enters, he looks for the staircase leading upwards.

There are two stages to the Ambuluwawa climb. First, you need to climb the internal staircase, which is visible as soon as you enter the tower. Once you have climbed the internal staircase, you will emerge outside the building on the external staircase. If you prefer breathtaking views while climbing, opt for the external staircase instead of the internal one.

Navigating the narrow stairs and facing the heights, the ascent becomes a challenging physical test. Davud jokes about how tough the climb is, playfully suggesting renaming his vlog to “Morning Workout in Sri Lanka.”

The Real Challenge Unfolds

As the sun rises, Davud steps outside and sees a stunning view after a tough climb. The beginning was easy, but it got harder as he went higher. Climbing the outside of the tower was tough, especially for someone who is not slim as Davud.

Davud admits the climb, especially on the external staircase, is no walk in the park. But the view from the top? Absolutely breathtaking. We’re talking panoramic vistas that stretch for miles, showcasing lush greenery, rolling hills, and maybe even a glimpse of a winding river.

Trust us, those Instagram-worthy moments are worth the climb.

Should You Be Concerned About the Staircase?

The Ambuluwawa Tower’s staircase might appear narrow and winding at first glance, but there’s no need to let that deter you from enjoying the climb.

Here’s why:

Firstly, the staircase is designed to be safe for visitors. The steps themselves are wide enough to comfortably accommodate one person at a time. Additionally, railings are installed along the sides of the staircase to provide extra support and stability as you ascend or descend.

Secondly, conquering the narrow staircase can be a rewarding experience. The climb itself might become a memorable part of your visit to the tower. And the panoramic views from the top are sure to make the effort worthwhile. So, take a deep breath, step onto the first stair, and enjoy the unique experience the Ambuluwawa Tower has to offer.

At the top, Davud is met with a windy and slightly scary atmosphere, but the incredible view makes up for any fear. He can’t quite put the experience into words, so he takes pictures before heading back down, which is easier than going up.

A Glimpse into Sri Lankan Culture

The adventure doesn’t stop at the top. Davud ventures around the base of the tower, showcasing the peaceful coexistence of the nearby religious sites. He chats with some locals, giving viewers a glimpse into Sri Lankan culture and the importance of religious harmony in the country.

It’s a heartwarming reminder of Sri Lanka’s welcoming and inclusive spirit.


Davud’s vlog doesn’t sugarcoat the climb. It’s a challenge, for sure. But it also highlights the incredible rewards ÔÇô the heart-stopping views, the sense of accomplishment, and a touch of Sri Lankan culture. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a curious traveler looking for a unique experience, the Ambuluwawa Tower offers something for everyone.

Don’t forget to watch Davud’s Ambuluwawa vlog below.

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Bonus Tip: Feeling inspired by Davud’s adventure? If you plan to climb the Ambuluwawa Tower yourself, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Wear comfortable shoes with a good grip. Those narrow stairs can get slippery!
  • Bring water! It’s especially important to stay hydrated in the Sri Lankan heat.
  • Take your time on the climb. There’s no rush! Enjoy the experience and the views.

We hope this insider’s look at the Ambuluwawa Tower has inspired you to add it to your Sri Lankan itinerary!

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