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Let the natural beauty guide you

The Pinewood area is true to its name, where tall pine trees cast sunlight on the ground, creating a peacefully secluded atmosphere. You can easily walk there from the Ambuluwawa Tower Area. Surrounded by tall pinewood trees, it has a relaxed, natural feel with pleasant weather.

At night, you can enjoy a cozy campfire at Pinewood restaurant. And if you need a place to stay, the Ambuluwawa bungalows are there for a comfy night’s rest. It’s a nice mix of nature and comfort – perfect for relaxing.

What to Expect

Frequency Asked Questions

Pinewood sits right below the Ambuluwawa Tower, easily accessible by a short tuk-tuk ride from the bustling tower area.

Absolutely! Our Ambuluwawa bungalows offer comfortable accommodation

Absolutely! Pinewood boasts a fantastic selection of local and international beers to complement their delicious Sri Lankan cuisine.


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