The View Point

A Breathtaking View of

Sri Lanka's Central Highlands


The Ambuluwawa Center, perched atop a solitary mountain within Sri Lanka's Central Highlands, offers an unparalleled panoramic experience. This unique location provides visitors with a breathtaking vista that showcases the region's geographical grandeur.

The viewing platform at the Ambuluwawa Center allows visitors to witness a stunning array of mountain ranges. From the east, the iconic peak of Pidurutalagala dominates the landscape. Sprawling vistas of Kikilaya Mahakanda, Haguranketha Kaduvetia, and the Deltota mountain range unfold before you.

Further north, the majestic Hantana and Knuckles mountain ranges add to the beauty.

Southerly panoramas reveal the Alagallawa, Hunnas Giri Kadu Vaetiyana, and Bambayagoda mountain ranges, culminating in the dramatic Daraniyagala range.

A 360° Discovery

Exploring the Central Highlands

Standing at this unique vantage point, visitors can embark on a visual journey, taking in the splendor of the mountains that stretch in all directions.